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Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative


Our menu offers a wide variety of local and organic options made with exceptional ingredients sourced from our home state of Maine. Our community cafe´ food is cooked fresh and made-to-order with from-scratch ingredients made almost entirely in-house. We offer gluten-free and vegan options for virtually all of our menu items and we’re happy to accommodate food allergies as best we can.

Community Cafe´

Local Sprouts Cafe´ is a gathering place for many different kinds of people doing many different kinds of things. We make every effort to honor the diversity of our community by paying special attention to the accessibility and inclusivity of the community cafe´, from our space to our menus to our safer space policy and more. It’s not unusual to find a student finishing a paper next to a big business meeting next to a family dinner—our cafe´ is designed to be as accommodating as possible for all kinds of activity.

Community Cafe´ | Local Sprouts Cooperative | Portland ME
Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative