Custom Catering Menus &
Fresh Maine-Grown Ingredients

Our catering team works closely with each customer to create a custom menu in which Maine-grown produce and Maine-made foods feature prominently. In the same way that the cafe utilizes a multitude of local vendors, Local Sprouts Catering works extensively with local farmers, distributors, rental companies, and other event-related local businesses.

Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative

We cater for:

Art Openings

We cook food for:

Meat Eaters
Vegetarians & Vegans
Gluten-Free Eaters
People with food allergies

Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative

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Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative

Wondering where our local ingredients come from?

Portland Maine Restaurant | Local Sprouts Cooperative


We create custom menus that work for your vision of your event. Because of this we don’t have standard prices but instead use your food and service choices to create a custom quote. With that said, we recognize that people want to get a general sense of price ranges as they are deciding on caterers. So we give the following guides below for reference. All prices are calculated prior to tax, service and gratuity.

Weddings – $30 and up per person
Cocktail Parties – $20 and up per person
Lunches – $10-25 per person
Conferences – $15-30 per person (with lunch and light breakfast)
Dinner – $10-$40 per person


If you need a venue for your event, we can help find you the perfect spot. Although our catered events all take place off-site, we strive to maintain our commitment to the safer space policy no matter where our team travels. We make every effort to honor the diversity of our community both inside and outside the cafe´. All customers and guests are welcome at a Local Sprouts-catered event. We have many connections in our community and have worked in many different locations, including:

The Barn at Walnut Hill, North Yarmouth
Broadturn Farm, Scarborough
Maine Maritime Museum, Bath
Ocean Gateway, Portland
Portland Company, Portland
Space Gallery, Portland
St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland
TEIA Club, Peaks Island
Turkey Hill Farm, Cape Elizabeth
Wendameen Schooner, Portland Harbor